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Mrs. Dinka Kumer

Mrs. Kumer was born and raised in Nashville, TN. After making aliyah, she earned a degree in Jewish education from the Israeli government and taught in Israel and Moldova. She co-directs an organization that counsels underprivileged women. She lives with her husband and children in the holy city of Tzfat.

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Why are the matzahs lined with tiny holes?

Theses holes are made with a hand or machine operated mechanism (depending on the kind of matzah you have) in order to prevent the matzah dough from ballooning in the oven. 1 Go ahead and crunch on your hole-y matzah.

Why did G-d command the Jews to “borrow” from their Egyptian neighbors gold, silver and clothing?

First of all, the verse says that by asking their neighbors for all these costly items the Jewish people did “as Moses commanded them to borrow...” (Exodus 12:35). So, in fact, the Jews were fulfilling a prophet’s holy command, and not asking out of greed. The Jews’ becoming wealthy was a...

What role did the women play in the Exodus?

From the outset of the Jewish slavery in Egypt and through the exodus, we see that the women played a pivotal role and acted with much self-sacrifice—often much more than the men, (but then, who’s counting...). One of Pharaoh’s earliest and most evil decrees was the cold blooded murder...

What are the ingredients of Passover matzah?

It’s the shortest list of ingredients that you’ve ever heard: flour and water. Though not in the same ratio as the papier-mâché paste you made as a kid. The flour can be made from wheat (including whole wheat), spelt, rye, oats, or barley, and may be organic. Needless to say, the flour is...

Can you recommend a good Haggadah?

There are literally hundreds of Haggadahs available today and they come in all shapes and sizes: small print, large print, translated, illustrated, annotated, and even donated. Following is an overview of some of the most popular ones. Haggadah for Pesach—Annotated Edition: A new edition of the...

Why is it traditional for families to gather together for the seder?

From the first seder in Egypt and until today, the single most traditional event in the Jewish calendar to gets families celebrating together is the Passover seder. How did this long standing family reunion begin? The Paschal lamb was the centerpiece of the Seder. Part of the requirements of the paschal lamb...

Can I make the Seder one night early so my family could attend?

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, ….WAIT! Don’t take off without me! Astronauts do not expect lift off to depend on their personal convenience or preference. Lift off date is not in their hands at all. It depends on weather conditions and the ship’s technical readiness. The seder is a spiritual take...

Can I read the Haggadah in English?

Certainly—“ Bivadai ”! If Hebrew is still very foreign for you, you may read the Haggadah in whatever language you find comfortable. Just make sure you have an accurate translation. If you have some Hebrew reading skills, but as of yet, lack comprehension, then you should consider reading aloud...

How much Charoset should I pile on to my maror?

Sorry, no Charoset mountains on your maror. What you should do is dip your maror into the Charoset and then shake any of the latter back off. The Charoset is mostly symbolic (see What is Charoset and what is its significance? ), and is not intended to interfere with the bitter taste of the maror. You can...

Does everyone read the Haggadah, or only the one leading the Seder?

If the story is yours, then you read it! We are not polite listeners hearing someone read us a history book. We are talkative participants actively sharing our Jewish past, present and future with one another. We ask and we answer. We describe the pain of exile and the anticipation of redemption—both in...

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