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Mrs. Dinka Kumer

Mrs. Kumer was born and raised in Nashville, TN. After making aliyah, she earned a degree in Jewish education from the Israeli government and taught in Israel and Moldova. She co-directs an organization that counsels underprivileged women. She lives with her husband and children in the holy city of Tzfat.

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What is the Jewish view on sinful thoughts?

A penny for your thoughts…or maybe not…hold that thought for a minute. There are all kinds of thoughts out there: ones for making a shopping list, ones for concentrating in prayer, ones analyzing the neighbors' new porch, ones planning how to help the old man in the nursing home smile, etc. And...

What are the rules for the Ten Days of Repentance?

The Ten Days of Repentance begin with the two days of Rosh Hashanah and conclude on Yom Kippur. Obviously, the High Holy Days have rules all their own, so let's talk about the seven remaining days in between. What to do: During these seven days of repentance, we want to be at our spiritual best, so G-d will...

Are there still prophets today?

The Jewish people are not a non-prophet organization. Since the greatest Jewish prophet of all time – Moses – Judaism has hinged greatly upon the words of our prophets and prophetesses. Prophecy is G-d’s revelation to us via a person whose mind and speech is united with Him. Prophecy can be a...

Why is a child's Judaism determined by the mother?

The Mammas and the Pappas are both winners, but not in the same game. Jewish identity is due to matrilineal descent, meaning the Mommy determines the child’s identity—Jewish or not. This law comes from the Torah 1 , which is the constitution and deciding factor for Judaism.  One of...

What is the Jewish view on In Vitro Fertilization?

Certainly every couple hopes to conceive easily and naturally. For those who cannot, recent medical advances in fertility are a true blessing for thousands of families. These discoveries are truly remarkable, allowing couples to have children when just one generation ago such a possibility would have been...

Tzfat on Target

In my first three decades, I never heard a real explosion up close...or lived in a war zone. That was until last Thursday, July 13, 2 006. Bombing was faint as I made my way to work after running errands. The Hezbollah was busy – again – attacking northern border towns. It was “old news”...

Who is "The Rebbe"?

The Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneersohn (1902-1994), is lovingly known as "The Rebbe," the seventh leader of the Chabad-Lubavitch Chassidic dynasty. 1 Encapsulating the Rebbe in a few paragraphs of dates and descriptive terms, falls enormously short of what can be known about the...

Shouldn't a good person know not to steal or kill even without the Ten Commandments?

Yes, he should know. Which makes you wonder how genocides occur? We are too close to World War II to forget the millions of cold blooded murders which were committed in the name of a good cause, through a government campaign in a modern country. On a lighter note, if it is so clear...

Are the Ten Commandments more important than the rest of the commandments?

There are a total of 613 commandments in the Torah (including the most famous Ten), and ALL enable us to serve G-d. Judaism is emphatic to point out that a “small” mitzvah is no less important than a “big” mitzvah. Though believing in G-d’s Omnipotence and Providence may seem...

What types of labor are permitted on Chol Hamoed?

"Chol" means weekday; mundane. "Moed" means holiday; sacred. Each of these on its own is quite simply understood, but can they ever exist simultaneously? Can one day be both a simple weekday and a holiday? The answer is yes. And that answer prompts a lot of questions. Biblically, the...

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