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Mrs. Dinka Kumer

Mrs. Kumer was born and raised in Nashville, TN. After making aliyah, she earned a degree in Jewish education from the Israeli government and taught in Israel and Moldova. She co-directs an organization that counsels underprivileged women. She lives with her husband and children in the holy city of Tzfat.

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What is the Jewish spin on marriage?

The Jewish spin on marriage is best explained with an introduction of how Adam and Eve, the first couple, were created: G-d originally created Adam and Eve with one conjoined body that had female and male halves. Soon after, He separated the body into two different people. 1 This process of creating man and...

How can I improve and perfect my marriage?

Realizing your spiritual connection with your spouse is the best Kabbalistic tip for improving your joint lives. Yes, marriage is about a lot of worldly activities, many of them mundane though necessary (why don’t you put your dirty socks in the laundry?), but there needs to be an emphasis on the spiritual....

Is there significance to the order of the Ten Commandments?

Of course there is significance! Let's start with the first commandment, “I am the Lord, your G-d.” A king must first establish his domination, and only then can he begin to declare laws. I am G-d “...Who released you from Egypt.” G-d mentioned this miraculous event as opposed to His...

If I am not a believer, can I still use the Ten Commandments as an ethical base?

While proper intentions are important for the fulfillment of the commandments, even partial observance is better than none. Perhaps in the merit of some of these Mitzvahs, you will be blessed with some clarity as to the existence of G-d. For someone looking for ethical bases, yes, the Ten Commandments are the...

What is the significance of the Sinai event?

1. Making the World a G-dly Abode Tradition teaches that the forefathers fulfilled all the commandments. But their fulfillment was drastically different than ours. Until Sinai, spirituality and physicality were unrelated dichotomies. The forefathers made spiritual waves in the world, but they didn’t make...

How is the first commandment a commandment—what is required of us?

"I am the Lord, your G-d..." is the commandment of incorporating our natural belief in G-d into our reality. We are commanded to understand that G-d exists, and that He causes all else to exist. Belief relates to things that we already know exist, but are beyond our mental capacities. Knowledge denotes...

Is "kosher style" good enough, as long as I don't mix milk and meat?

Say 'no' to faux. If your corned beef sandwich on rye with dill pickles does not have qualified certification as being kosher, then it just does not cut the mustard, even if a rabbi blesses it a thousand times! G-d gave us specific rules about what is kosher, and what is not. Not eating pork and not...

How is kosher spiritual? The food seems so unhealthy and unrefined!

If "kosher" means having cream cheese and lox for breakfast, cholent with kishke for lunch, and schwarma and falafel for dinner, then this would not be the most healthful diet to choose on a daily basis. Fortunately, these foods have little to do with living a kosher lifestyle, but rather are some of the...

Are weight loss diets kosher?

Dieting can be potentially beneficial to one's life as a Jew, or the opposite, depending on the particular diet. To know whether a weight loss diet is “kosher,” you must examine the motivating factor behind the diet, its means, and its end. It goes without saying that a Jew is permitted to eat only...

Why is it so important to drain all the blood from kosher meat?

Part of the required process in making meat kosher for consumption includes rinsing, salting, and draining it until no blood is left (or brazing meat until all blood is removed). Blood has more than a biological function. It is possesses essential life giving spiritual energy, as the Torah writes, "the...

1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-60 61-70