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Askmoses scholars are carefully selected to bring the best of Jewish knowledge to you. Each scholar studied Judaism, Jewish History, Jewish Culture and is a recognized communicator and teacher in his or her community. Many are world-class authors and lecturers as well as practicing rabbis. The scholars live all over the world and express their knowledge to you from their point of view, 24/6. Get to know our scholars by reading their backgrounds.

Rabbi Avi Rubenfeld

Rabbi Avi Rubenfeld - originally from Brooklyn, NY - was ordained at Rabbinical College of Sydney, in Australia.

He has since served Jewish communities as varied as Missoula, Montana; Boise, Idaho; Coral Springs, Florida. Until recently he had been studying in NY while working at the Central Chabad Lubavitch Headquarters.

Recently, he has settled with his wife Chana'la and son Mendel in Chesterfield, MO to establish a new Chabad Center for the growing young Jewish population.

"Triumph = Umph added to Try"

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