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Askmoses scholars are carefully selected to bring the best of Jewish knowledge to you. Each scholar studied Judaism, Jewish History, Jewish Culture and is a recognized communicator and teacher in his or her community. Many are world-class authors and lecturers as well as practicing rabbis. The scholars live all over the world and express their knowledge to you from their point of view, 24/6. Get to know our scholars by reading their backgrounds.

Rabbi Shlomo Chein

Rabbi Shlomo T. Chein was ordained at the Institute for Rabbinic Studies in Melbourne Australia and then spent time teaching various subjects in Judaism at the Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem. He is the Director of Chabad @ UC S. Cruz in California.

Rabbi Chein is the senior editor of

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Can I sit Shiva for someone who was not an immediate family member?

Q. My grandmother passed away. What do I do in terms of mourning? Do I sit Shiva? A. Firstly, I would like to express my condolences to you and your family. May the Creator heal all broken hearts and may you only know of happy occasions in the future. You do not sit Shiva. Jewish laws of mourning are only...

Can I color on Shabbat?

Question: An issue that has come up at our synagogue is which activities are appropriate for kids on the weekend. Some have asked whether it’s okay for young kids to color as part of a Shabbat program. This is certainly not “work”, but I can see the point of not wanting them to do something...

What is faith?

Faith is sort of a sixth sense. It is the feeling of knowing something even though you can’t touch or understand it. It usually comes as a result of reason. But reason will only take you so far. Since it is your reasoning, and you are limited, the reasoning will have to stop at some point. At this point...

Dear Moses, I want to change myself totally. How do I start?

Begin by doing something good – something you didn't do yesterday. Do this on a weekly basis.

Which prayers are most important to be recited in Hebrew?

Question: I am fairly new to praying in Hebrew but I have been trying to pray shacharit every day. Unfortunately, my Hebrew is still pretty fundamental and trying to do the entire thing takes me well over two hours. Is there a way that I could select prayers in order of importance to add to the Shema and the...

Pre-marital sex will make me happy. Why shouldn't I?

Question: Hi, I live in Greece. Jewish life here is somewhat non-existent in the way I suppose it is in Israel, but in my daily life I try to abide by some rules my family taught me. Somehow I am not very happy, and I believe this is because of a lack of intimacy. I would like to ask your opinion on pre-marital...

My physical needs conflict with my spiritual needs; How do I reconcile the two?

Regarding the physical health and wellbeing of your body, my suggestion is to consult with a physician and/or nutritionist. Regarding the balance of body and soul my suggestion is to remember that G-d created both body and soul, and designed them to live together. As personal creations of His, G-d values your soul...

I’m disabled and suffer extreme pain in my mind and body. Has G-d forsaken me?

Question: Rabbie has G-d forsaken me ime disabled and suffer with exterme pain in my mind and body i have no peace in my life is there anything you might suggest Answer: I am sorry to hear this and I feel for you. I must preface by saying that under these challenging circumstances any answer, explanation,...

What makes someone a "good Jew"?

Question: My boyfriend’s fourteen years old sister feels that I am a bad Jew because I am not as religious as she is and because of this she doesn’t have any respect for me. I didn’t have a bat mitzvah and I only attend services occasionally, when my boyfriend goes. I am a good person though...

Why is it preferable not to have non-kosher animals around my baby?

It is known that we are strongly influenced by what we see. It is also known that the younger one is the more s/he is impacted by what they are exposed to – and especially visually. For example, children who watch a lot of violence on TV tend to be more violent. There are two reasons why children are so much...

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