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When are Sukkot and Shmini Atzeret/Simchat Torah?
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Rabbi Eliezer Gurkow

Location: London, Ontario Canada

Born: 1972, Boston, Massachusetts

Background: He was ordained in 1995, and serves as Rabbi of Congregation Beth Tefilah. He is a well-known speaker. Before he settled in Canada, he traveled from New Haven, CT to Postville, IA, to Sydney, Australia, to Singapore and Marina Del Rey, CA. He lives in London, Ontario, with his wife Basie and their four children.

"Believe in yourself. Listen to the voice of your soul. The potential is there, you need only bring it out."

Scholar's Hours:
Sundays 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Thursdays 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Fridays 7:00 am - 10:00 am

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Why were there cherubs on the Ark?

The two golden cherubs represented G-d and the Jewish People, and their placement together represented the union of G-d and Jewish People. The Ark, the holiest object in the holiest of places—the “Holy of Holies” room in the Mishkan (Tabernacle), and later, the First Temple—was the...

Dynamic Seasons of Change

Seasonal Change The winter has come to an end and the long awaited summer has finally arrived. The weather changes, the sun emerges and we take it for granted that the worst is over. We plan our vacations, take out our summer clothes and begin preparations for a calm and relaxing season. In the back of our...

Judaism: You Can Do It

The Oath The Jewish nation received the Ten Commandments at Mount Sinai in the year 2448 on the Jewish calendar (1312 BCE). Every year, on the anniversary of this date, this Biblical episode is commemorated by Jews around the world during a special holiday called Shavuot, which means “weeks”, thus...

Is it alright to pray for another person's death?

No it isn't.   I'm not sure why you would want to but here is something from the Talmud:    The Talmud relates a remarkable discussion that took place between the great sage Rabbi Meir and his learned wife, Bruriah. She overheard her husband praying for the downfall of a particularly vexing...

Unity in Times Good and Bad

Anxiety Brought us Together Disaster is the parent of opportunity. When the normal and routine are shaken, when calm and confidence are shattered, the patterns of life are altered and new opportunities are born. It remains up to us to convert these opportunities into reality. It remains up to us to grasp that,...

Days of Mourning: The Three Weeks

A Kind Suffering The Hebrew word Chesed , kindness, has a numeric value of seventy-two. Kabbalah teaches that the last seventy-two days of the Hebrew calendar year are permeated with Chesed , divine benevolence. This period begins on the seventeenth day of the Hebrew month, Tammuz. This day is also the...

Two Stalled Cars

On a recent family visit to San Antonio I was called upon to demonstrate my mechanical prowess or, as it turned out, my lack thereof. It all began when my nephew discovered that both of the family cars had stalled. Hoping to make myself useful, I drove up in my rented car, grabbed a set of jumper cables and...

Failed Resolutions

Have you ever made a resolution you didn't keep? Have you ever resolved to go to bed early only to wake up with a headache because you didn't put that book down? Have you ever resolved not to take a second helping, but walked away engorged because your portions were too numerous? Have you ever resolved to attend...

Start Again

A Page Turner When was the last time you spent an entire year reading a two thousand-page novel and then launched into a second reading of it on the very day you finished? When was the last time you spent an entire year reading this novel for the second time and then launched into a third reading of it on the very...

Pyramids of Unity

The Holiday Mitzvahs There are two Mitzvahs that are specifically intended for the holiday of Sukkot, eating in the Sukkah and the blessing on the four species. The mitzvah designated for the holiday of Simchat Torah is the dancing and rejoicing of young and old with the sacred and precious Torah scrolls. Our...

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