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When and why did the Rabbis discontinue capital and corporeal punishment?
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Rabbi Naftali Silberberg

Rabbi Silberberg, a native of Detroit, Michigan, is a renowned scholar known for his sharp wit and vast Talmudic knowledge.

He resides in Brooklyn, NY with his wife Chaya Mushka and their three children.

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Should I do a Mitzvah today if I'm unable to make a steady commitment?

This question can be addressed from many different angles. Here are a few morsels of food for thought: 1) On the most basic level, good habits are addictive; chances are that once you start you wouldn't stop! 2) An important idea to remember is that observing mitzvahs is not only about spiritual...

Does G-d really care if I keep Passover?

G-d "passed over" the Israelite houses in Egypt because He cared about us and wanted us to be free from the suffering and agony of slavery and bondage. Jewish holidays aren't merely commemorations of events that occurred thousands of years ago. Rather, they are an attempt to relive the miraculous...

What are the Four Species?

The Four Species are three types of branches and one type of fruit which are held together and waved on the festival of Sukkot to fulfill the Mitzvah: " And you shall take for yourselves on the first day [of Sukkot], the fruit of the citron tree, the branches of date palms, twigs of a braided tree...

Do I have to buy my son a present for finding the Afikoman?

We have done much research on this subject, but we have yet to find the clause in the Code of Jewish Law which requires the Afikoman to be redeemed specifically for a PlayStation. However, the results of a poll we took among children seems to indicate that most children agree that the thought of getting a...

Why do we hide the Afikoman?

The VIPs at the Passover Seder are the children. We come to the Seder with the seemingly impossible task of holding our children's attention for long enough to tell them the story of our liberation from Pharaoh's tyrannical regime. This isn't an easy assignment even if all your children are like the...

Why are we thanking G-d for taking us out of Egypt? He put us there in the first place!

Many answers are given to this question. The following is the mystical ( Kabbalistic ) explanation: G-d did, indeed, put us into Egypt and promised to redeem us, but we complicated things for ourselves. The Egyptian led an extremely immoral and depraved lifestyle. In fact, when the Torah tells us to stay away from...

I'll be traveling--where can I find a meaningful Seder?

Thankfully, Chabad spans the globe and conducts Seders practically everywhere. Go to for a complete listing of locations.

Does G-d really care if I eat Matzah?

Passover is our collective birthday, the season when our nation was born. The Exodus from Egypt was the beginning of our spiritual journey which led us to Mt. Sinai and the giving of the Torah. When pursuing spirituality the most important quality to attain is humility. Arrogance interferes with one’s...

Was the original Matzah round or square, and which one is better?

In the mid nineteenth century a Matzah baking machine was invented in Europe, and along came the mass produced square Matzah. Until that point Matzah was always kneaded, flattened and baked by hand and it is quite difficult to make a square Matzah with a rolling pin, especially when everything must be done in a big...

Is there a best place to hide my Afikoman?

How about putting it under your child’s home-work? Then again, maybe not; after all you want your child to have some chance of finding it! Remember, the harder the hiding place is to find, the more accessories you’ll have to buy for the PlayStation.

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