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Askmoses scholars are carefully selected to bring the best of Jewish knowledge to you. Each scholar studied Judaism, Jewish History, Jewish Culture and is a recognized communicator and teacher in his or her community. Many are world-class authors and lecturers as well as practicing rabbis. The scholars live all over the world and express their knowledge to you from their point of view, 24/6. Get to know our scholars by reading their backgrounds.

Rabbi Yossi Turk

Rabbi Yossi Turk, a graduate of the Rabbinical College of America, serves as the chief Rabbi of the city of Cordoba, Argentina.

His bi-lingual abilities enable him to converse on AskMoses in both English and Spanish. In addition to being a Talmudic scholar and expert on the laws of Kashrut he is also a well renowned lecturer on Jewish issues in the Spanish laguage.

Scholar's Hours:
Fridays 12:00 am - 12:00 am