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Rabbi Yosef Loschak O.B.M.

Rabbi Yosef Loschak OBM grew up in Australia where he began his Rabbinic ordination. He has been the Director of Chabad in S. Barbara since 1979. He is also the director of the Chabad Chaplaincy program for Jewish inmates in California. Rabbi Loschak passed away on 3 of Tamuz 5775. May his memory be a blessing upon all of us.

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I’ve had an abortion and I’m plagued by strong feelings of guilt. Any advice?

We all make mistakes, Rabbis included... Obviously some are more serious than others. The general rule is that after damaging our relationship with G-d, we do “Teshuvah.” Many people translate this word as “repentance,” but that is an incorrect translation. A correct translation would be to...

How should we react to our daughter having a non-Jewish boyfriend?

a) Arm yourself with information. Please go to our knowledgebase and type in the word intermarriage . You will see many articles on this topic. b) Get the book "Why Marry Jewish" by Doron Kornbluth. It is an amazing book. It is available online by its publisher, 1 c) She must be made...

On what day of the week do Jewish Holidays fall?

Question : What are the days that the holidays can fall on? Answer : As far as days of the week when the holidays fall, there is a clever way to determine this: List the last six letters of the Hebrew alphabet in backwards order starting with 'Taf'. Each of these letters hints to...

Why is Yom Kippur never on a Sunday?

Question : Why doesn't Yom Kippur ever fall on a Sunday? Happy New Year, Jeremy L. Answer : Since our calendar has been fixed , Yom Kippur can never be on a Friday, Sunday or Tuesday.   The reason for Friday and Sunday is that Yom Kippur is like Shabbat and having back to back Shabbat's...

Why does a mohel suck the blood after circumcision?

This practice is part of the ritual of circumcision and it is called "Metzitza". The source for Metzitza at a Brit is from the Talmud 1 and is stated as the practiced law in the Code of Jewish Law. 2 It is explained that drawing out blood prevents the blood from clotting and...

Why is playing a musical instrument forbidden on a Jewish holiday (and Shabbat, too)?

Question : Members of my synagogue hope to play guitars this Simchat Torah when they will dance with the Torah scrolls. I told the synagogue board that playing an instrument is forbidden on Yom Tov. Can you help me explain this better to them? Thanks, David K Answer : The reason  1 that musical...

I feel lost during Synagogue prayers! Would you give me advice to learn what to do?

Question: I just started going to synagogue services again and I am totally lost with the prayers and songs. It makes me feel so uncomfortable in what should be my environment. How do you recommend that I learn what I need to know now that I have a late start at 38? Thank you, Dave L. Amswer: I...

Results 1 - 7 of 7