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Rabbi Herschel Finman

Herschel Finman has been involved with Jewish outreach for close to 30 years. For the last 20, Rabbi Finman has lived in Oak Park, Michigan with his wife Chana and seven children. He is the coordinator of the Detroit Jewish Judicial Seminar - a monthly lunch and learn that interfaces modern jurisprudence with classic Talmudic writ. He is adjunct professor of Philosophy at Oakland Community College, and professor of Judaic studies at Michigan Jewish Institute. His weekly e-Parsha Internet column reaches more than 10,000 subscribers.
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Why don't we shake the Four Species on Shabbat?

The reason why we do not shake the lulav, read the megillah or blow shofar on Shabbat is one. Rabbah, third century Talmudic scholar, explained the reason for this rabbinic decree: Everyone wanted to do these mitzvahs, but not everyone knew how. Fearing that someone might inadvertently carry a megillah, shofar...

Is it permitted to work on the 9th of Av?

Though work 1 on Tishah B'Av is permitted, it is strongly discouraged. Tishah B'Av commemorates the destruction of both Temples in Jerusalem. One's focus, that day, should be on correcting one's own actions. If one must work, they should try to do so after midday ( Halachic time ).

Why is the shofar curved and not straight?

The shofar must be curved to indicate that our prayers are offered from hearts which are bent – subservient – to our Father in Heaven.

Why is Passover seven or eight days?

Seven Days   Biblically, Passover is seven days and commemorates the time between the actually Exodus from Egypt – which occurred on the 15th of Nissan – and the splitting of the Red Sea – which happened seven days later on the eve of the 21st of Nissan. Spiritually speaking, Passover is...

Is it permitted to have a pareve or dairy Shabbat or holiday meal?

It is written in the Code of Jewish Law that one should eat meat and fish and drink wine to celebrate the Shabbat. However, the very same Code of Jewish Law states that if one is pained by eating fish, one need not eat fish. It therefore follows that if one enjoys dairy or pareve food and that food can be made in a...

What’s the kabbalistic deal on the Menorah?

The Chanukah Menorah is identified with the Divine revelation which will be experienced during the era of the Moshiach. The eight lights represent eight expressions of the Divine name of G-d as enumerated in the book of Samuel. 1 This level eight supersedes nature and combats the forces of evil. Seven is a...

Who were the Macabbees?

The Macabees - an acronym for M i K amocha B a-eylim H ashem – “Who is like You amongst the mighty O G-d” – were a group of freedom fighters that defeated the Assyrian Greeks in the year 3621 (140 BCE). After years of physical and spiritual destruction in Israel, Mattityahu son of...

Is vodka or hard liquor Kosher for Passover?

The vast majority of the popular brands of liquor, whiskey, and vodka are produced from grains, and are 100% chametz. Furthermore, though it is true that many types of vodka are made from potatoes, grapes, or even milk and would contain no chametz ingredients, nonetheless without proper rabbinic supervision one...

What is the origin of saying “gezuntheit” or “G-d bless you” after someone sneezes?

Although not technically part of Jewish Law - Halachah, the custom of saying gezuntheit, tzu gezunt , labreeyut , or G-d bless you is considered a mannerly custom. It is written in the Talmud that the Patriarch Jacob was the first person to become ill before passing on. Before that, people would sneeze and die....

What message can I take from a 3000 year old Passover holiday?

The holiday of Passover represents the birth of the Jewish people. Seventy members of Patriarch Jacob’s family descended into Egyptian bondage. Two hundred and ten years later, this family emerged as the 600,000 strong Jewish nation. The Hebrew word for Egypt is Mitzrayim . It shares the same root as the...

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