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Rabbi Elisha Greenbaum

Rabbi Elisha Greenbaum is spiritual leader of Moorabbin Hebrew Congregation and co-director of L'Chaim Chabad in Moorabbin, Victoria, Australia

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Obsessive Compulsive

Happens all the time. Guests sampling our Shabbos hospitality for the first time are welcomed in, set at ease, invited to the table to hear kiddush and then, just as they’ve gotten comfortable, we make them stand up and troop into the kitchen to ‘wash’. “But my hands are clean” or...

The Paranormal

As a natural cynic employed to preach faith, I often find myself torn between so-called religious principles and my innate skepticism to reported occurrences of supernatural phenomena. Take miracles, for instance. I love a good Chassidic story of faith, fellowship, and relief from suffering. Throw in a witty...

My Father-In-Law Was A Nice Guy; But Was He A Success?

Rabbi Zalman Itkin (1953-2006) Open up any Chabad magazine or website and all you see are pictures of Chabad rabbis and shluchim (representatives) embracing politicians and international philanthropists, or standing in front of shiny new buildings with donors' names on the outside and acres of fiber-optic...

Make Me an Offer

We've all come across people who are so devoted to their work that their health and personal lives suffer. A friend of mine once interviewed at a high-powered law firm; pay was great, opportunities for advancement unlimited –- depending on how long and hard one was prepared to work. He was seriously...

Threats and promises

A few years ago I met and befriended a local businessman. I visit his workplace every week or so, we chat about our respective families, swap a joke or two and then I whip out the tefillin. His family was never religious back in Israel. He told me that growing up on the kibbutz, the only way he knew it was Yom...

Perpetuating life

Though difficult and incredibly time-consuming, I truly believe that the hours I spend counseling couples dealing with infertility and arranging halachic supervision for their medical procedures are the single most important facets of my professional life. No one should have to experience the trauma of dashed...

Be Prepared

Boy scouts, marines and firemen pride themselves on always being on guard, ready to cope with any contingency at a moment’s notice. A Vietnam veteran I knew once described how he had been so highly trained to respond to sudden attack during his tour of duty, that even today, if awakened suddenly, he goes into...

Results 1 - 7 of 7