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What blessing do we recite when immersing utensils in a Mikvah?
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Rabbi Shimon Posner

Rabbi Shimon Posner is the director of Chabad of Rancho Mirage, California

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Built for Love

“What type of man do I want to marry?” the young woman repeated the question that had been asked of her. “Well, I want someone kind. And smart. But not the too-kind type that lets himself be walked on. And not the too-smart type that lets it get to his head. Someone who isn’t too into his...

"My Land! My Land!"

She was already sitting in my row as I got onto the plane. With her hands folded in front and her elbows sticking over the armrests, she was what they call matronly. But she had an air about her that screamed activist. A garish medallion with Arabic swirls made me curious enough to ask where she was from....

Bypassing the Mind

Leather seats, user-friendly ticketing, signature blue chips and 16 channel satellite TV makes Jetblue. Before takeoff, their TV screens flash a "Thank you for flying with us. Without you, we’d just be flying a bunch of TV’s around the sky." From day one to day six, the One in the sky was, as...

What Makes a Marriage Tick?

Newlyweds think the question doesn't apply to them and never will: they are the first to discover marriage and the final authorities on it too. After the honeymoon wears off the question looms large: and after the honeymoon is over anything can happen. Marriages tick like clocks, and whether it is a wind-up or...


It was a wintry Friday night in Brooklyn. A roomful of Jewish college kids in the Sixties, challenging the young rabbi chairing the roundtable; how can you believe in G-d when science has proven... why keep kosher in an age of government inspection and refrigeration, isn't it racist to speak of the chosen...

Hebrews Not Welcome

"No Hebrews Allowed." It's the first reference that comes to my mind when I hear us called Hebrews. Okay, I know YMHA means the Jewish YMCA, and HIAS a Jewish Immigrant Aid Society, but still, Hebrew -- when talking about people, not our language – smacks of long-hand for Hebes. In Biblical...

The Shabbat Man

Some called him Reverend Abrahamson. Others called him Cantor. My father called him Chazzan and bristled at the other names: evidently those other names were too cold and distant to identify our Chazzan. However you would call him, Chazzan Abrahamson was the oldest person I knew, at least he seemed that way, with a...

Results 1 - 7 of 7