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Why do people wash their hands before prayer?
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Rabbi Laibl Wolf

Rabbi Wolf, a renowned mystic, author and speaker, lives in Australia and lectures worldwide on Kabbalah and Jewish mysticism. His daily meditations and weekly essays can be viewed on his website,

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Does a Stone Have a Soul?

As human beings, it's only natural that we view the animal, plant and inanimate realms as lesser things. Consequently, the human sees himself as the pinnacle of Creation, possessor of mind and the power to reason. In the deeper insights of Kabbala and Chassidism, there is a teaching that stands our perception on...

Kabbalah - What's All The Fuss About?

Today, we are living in an era of gross materialism. While the sixties and early seventies were marked by youthful aspirations to change the nature of society, the eighties were a period of greed and egotism. The nineties has seen the pendulum swing across again as a reaction to the unnatural stance of materialism,...

The Wild Horse: Meditation and Prayer

The dualistic self is not a pleasant experience. While the higher self, the Nefesh Elokit , strives to grow, improve and adopt compassion as its norm, the ego self, Nefesh Behamit , seeks self-indulgent behaviour and pleasurable titillation. This is the challenge of "right knowing" and "right...

Crime And Punishment

A civilized society has an enlightened approach to law and order. An indicator of true enlightenment is the way it treats its recalcitrant members. Life experience teaches us that people ‘mis-behave’ in society, create civil unrest and act criminally, because of a deficiency either in the laws or in...

Results 1 - 4 of 4