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Mrs. Shifra Hendrie

Shifra Hendrie is a personal and spiritual coach who has been studying and teaching the principles of authentic Kabbalah for over 20 years. More about her writings and programs can be found on her website

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The Kabbalah of Love: Part One

Intimate Love. What feelings do these words stir up in you? Longing? Excitement? Pleasure? Fear? Whatever the feeling, if thinking about intimate love makes your heart beat faster, I’m not surprised. This feeling is more powerful than almost any we can experience. That’s because it’s nothing...

The Kabbalah of Love: Part Two

(Click here to read 'The Kabbalah of Love: Part One' .) Do you long for love? Most of us do. The intimate touch of another soul is the most powerful antidote for the all-too-human experience of aloneness. It may be the most compelling and pleasurable experience there is. So why do we spend...

Can People Change?

Most people never really change. Sad, but true. Some people never even try. But those of us who do try often experience great frustration and disappointment as we encounter the same limitations over and over again. Life can start to seem downright repetitive. Creating Something From Nothing Why is it that...

How To Make A Fortune

You Can Never Get Enough of what You Don't Really Want Life keeps getting faster and faster. More and more, we spend our time trying to make things happen, fitting more into each minute than ever before. But somehow, we are neither satisfied nor fulfilled. Why? Because the things we’re running after so...

Breaking Out of Your Inner Jail

"In the sixth century of the sixth millennium, the gates of supernal [heavenly] wisdom will be opened, as will the wellsprings of earthly wisdom, preparing the world to be elevated in the seventh millennium." 1 -- The Zohar. The true value of a human being is determined primarily by the measure and...

Shining from the Inside Out: Adolescence and You

Adolescence – The Darkness Before the Dawn Do you remember what it was like to be an adolescent? The anger, the confusion, the rebellion? The intense need to express yourself, even in ways that were upsetting to the people around you? Or maybe you are the parent of an adolescent. Maybe you long for the...

Why can life be so difficult?

The Short Answer: We are born as moons, reflecting only what we receive from others. But we are destined to become suns, offering our own unique "shine" to all of creation. And when it comes to a transformation, the rule is this: in order to go up, you must first go down. If you...

Results 1 - 7 of 7