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Why are mezuzahs not attched to bathroom doorways?
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Rabbi Dov Grossman

Dov Grossman is an ardent student of the Talmud and Jewish law. He has graduated from the Rabbinical College of America of Morristown NJ and continues to devote himself to intensive study of Jewish law. Dov currently resides in Brooklyn together with his wife.

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Can glass be koshered?

Before discussing whether or not glass can be koshered, let us first understand if glass needs to be koshered to begin with. The process of koshering utensils is intended to clean the vessel, not of the residue left on the cutlery, pot or pan, but rather of the taste that gets absorbed in the vessel....

Is a woman obligated to pray thrice daily?

The Short Answer: Women have a general biblical obligation to pray but are not necessarily obligated in the three daily rabbinic prayers.  The Askmoses Answer:   A woman’s obligation to pray is very interesting. It touches on some of the most basic definitions of prayer....

What is Kol Nidrei?

Kol Nidrei is a prayer which initiates the holiday of Yom Kippur starting with the words “ Kol Nidrei ”. Although its content is not out of the ordinary, this prayer has become accepted as one of the most solemn and sacred within Jewish liturgy. Over the generations it has acquired much traditional...

I forgot to light Shabbat candles, what should I do?

If you forgot to light the Shabbat candles before Shabbat, do not light them on Shabbat. The Shabbat candles, and for that matter any candle, may not be lit on Shabbat. Forgo the candles and observe Shabbat. Although Shabbat candles are a mitzvah, they do not override the severe prohibition of lighting a fire on...

What is Maftir?

Maftir is the Aliyah which is given to the person who will recite the Haftorah (or the one who will recite the blessings for the Haftorah). Since the Haftorah is culled from the works of the Prophets, it would seem disrespectful to the Torah, were someone to be called upon to read only from the Prophets - thereby...

Results 1 - 5 of 5