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Why do the Sotah laws apply only to women?
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Rabbi Moshe Miller

Rabbi Moshe Miller was born in South Africa and received his yeshiva education in Israel and America. He served as a rosh yeshiva in Israel and subsequently in America. He is a prolific author and translator, with some twenty books to his name on a wide variety of topics. He is a popular lecturer, mostly on Jewish mystical topics. He currently lives in Chicago.

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Are the Psalms or the Book of Daniel considered prophetic?

The Arizal explains that there are many different levels and types of prophecy.   In a very general sense they can be divided into two categories: Prophecy (Nevua'h) and Divine Inspiration (Ruach HaKodesh). The difference between them can be described as active (Prophecy) and receptive (Divine Inspiration). In...

What are those red strings I see people wearing around their wrists?

The red strings are quite simply superstitions with no basis in Scripture or Jewish Law. There does seem to be a custom of wrapping a red string around the Tomb of Rachel 1 , to ward off the “evil eye.” But again, this “tradition” may well have its origins in non-Jewish superstitions. The...

Why do Jews consider Tuesday to be a lucky day?

“Lucky” is not really the correct terminology, since Jews believe in Divine Providence, not luck. Perhaps auspicious would be better. The reason that Tuesday (i.e. the third day of the week according to the Jewish calendar – Sunday being the first day) is special, is that the phrase “and...

What is Pesukei D’zimra?

Pesukei d'zimra literally means verses of song (or praise). These are selected Scriptural passages that have been incorporated into the morning liturgy. The verses of praise occupy the first section of the morning prayers, followed by the blessings preceding the Shema prayer, and then the Amidah or Shmoneh Esrei (18...

Is a person allowed to make kiddush on beer or other beverages?

In this issue, there is a difference between the nighttime and daytime kiddush. It is always preferable to make kiddush on wine or grape juice. However, if there is no wine or grape juice available, or the person is allergic to wine or grape juice, at night one should make kiddush on challah, whereas by day a...

What’s the reason for the black stripes on the tallit and tzitzit?

Some suggest that the stripes are to remind us of the techailet. 1 Indeed, some communities have the custom of using (dark) blue stripes, not black. For those whose custom it is to use black stripes, perhaps this is so that one should not erroneously believe that real techailet was used. (Because if we would have...

What does "Shanah Tovah" mean?

A good year, or have a good year.

How can a reader of the Prophets know that what he reads is authentic?

Jews are in general very suspicious and argumentative people, as in the old saying: two Jews, three opinions; another version: two Jews, three arguments. No one would have managed to slip such a hoax by the Jewish people, such that everyone in the generation where the supposed hoax was perpetrated would accept...

Do divorced or widowed women still have to keep their hair covered?

Once married, a woman must keep her hair covered even if she is divorced or widowed. 1 Two reasons for this are: 1. Once a woman has defined a certain part of her body as sensual and private, it would be immodest to expose it publicly again. 2. In addition to the often discussed “logical” reasons why...

Isn’t it cruel for G-d to deny certain souls access to the World-to-Come?

It is not that G-d destroys a person; it is the person who destroys her/himself. Admission to a higher form of existence is not granted automatically—one has to earn it. Is a college degree from Harvard (or anywhere else) granted automatically just because you enrolled? Don’t you have to pass certain...

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