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Rabbi Eli Wolf

Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, Rabbi Eli Wolf recieved his rabbinical ordination from the Central Lubavitch Yeshiva. He has lectured in Australia, Russia and America. Eli currently resides with his wife Chanie in Brooklyn, NY.

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What should I think of the "Bible Codes"?

Bible codes are quite a fascinating discovery, in which various historical episodes, facts and personalities can be found hidden within the very letters of the Bible. The primary method, by which, purportedly, meaningful messages have been extracted, is via a method known as ELS (equidistant letter sequences)...

What is the "Hagomel" (thanksgiving) Blessing?

The Hagomel blessing (blessing of thanksgiving) is a blessing that the Sages instituted to recite after one survives a dangerous circumstance. As a Jew, we believe that every incident in our lives is orchestrated by G-d above. Hence, when one is fortunate to survive a dangerous ordeal, the first note of thanks...

I just recovered from a serious illness, how can I thank G-d?

There’s a special blessing which the Sages instituted to give thanks to G-d after surviving a dangerous ordeal. This blessing is called “ Hagomel ” (See What is the "Hagomel" (thanksgiving) Blessing? ). It is also customary to make a "Seudat Hoda'ah" - meal of...

Results 1 - 3 of 3