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Is it permissible to pay someone for services rendered on Shabbat?
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Askmoses scholars are carefully selected to bring the best of Jewish knowledge to you. Each scholar studied Judaism, Jewish History, Jewish Culture and is a recognized communicator and teacher in his or her community. Many are world-class authors and lecturers as well as practicing rabbis. The scholars live all over the world and express their knowledge to you from their point of view, 24/6. Get to know our scholars by reading their backgrounds.

Rabbi Levi Haskelevich

Rabbi Levi Haskelevich was born and raised in Crown Heights. He studied at Oholei Torah, Yeshiva Gedoldah of Sydney, Australia and received his Rabbinic ordination at Central Yeshiva '770'. Rabbi Haskelevich is a ritual slaughter (Shochet), and has edited and published his grandfather's "Memoirs of the Gulag" in Yiddish, while serving along with his wife Nechama and their four children, as associate directors of Lubavitch House at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

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Wednesdays 7:00 am - 8:00 am