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In The Beginning - The Bible Unauthorize (The Bible Unauthorized)

In The Beginning - The Bible Unauthorized

by H. Moose
Edited by David Sternlight, PhD

The very first translation of the Torah was in Greek and caused irreparable damage. The Torah was given in one language only. The nuances, subtleties, and implications of the specific words chosen are lost in translation. When one translates, one is forced to chose a specific interpretation that he or she feels best express the meaning of the original words. Alternate meanings or interpretations are discarded. It was this aspect of the translation of the Torah that was most harmful. It gave license for people to begin explaining the Torah as they saw fit, ignoring other relevant and applicable meanings that came from Sinai as well for this reason, a fast was warranted (10th of Teves) to mark this occasion.

The real content of the Bible differs greatly from the many erroneous translations that have led to great criticism. In addition the Biblical account of the creation in the original; a correct translation reveals that the real Bible has yet to be understood by the world. Past views of the Bible contain errors ranging from mistaken conceptions to gross libel.

Ever-growing numbers take the Bible as a piece of antique literature containing bits of curious information and philosophy characteristic of the childhood of man. It is thought by many to be naive at best. This perversion of the value of the Bible lies entirely with the translations. Instead of the Bible G-d must surely have inspired, the world has fallible translations full of meaningless phrases and discrepancies, well meriting criticism.

This book presents the Biblical account of G-d, Creation, the Universe, and Man based on the hidden Mosaic codes contained in the original Hebrew. Those who have knowledge of old Hebrew and its Biblical literature will realize that it is likely the first accurate translation they have seen. It will reveal the Bible in a dramatic, revolutionary and life-changing new light. (402 Pages)

Publisher: Thirty Seven Books, 2001

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