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Chumash Bereishit

Editor: Rabbi Moshe Wisnefsky

This innovative "Interpolated" Chumash features a new translation/commentary which weaves Rashi`s commentary—as explained according to the Rebbe`s elucidations—together with the translation of the Torah text. This forms one clear, smooth and easy reading body, indispensable to the beginner and informative to the advanced.

Additional features include:

·        "Chasidic Insights" and "Inner Dimensions"
·        Chronological charts, topic titles, illustrations, diagrams and maps
·        Each Sidra is prefaced by an overview which includes the Rebbe`s study of the name of each Sidra and its relevance to the Parsha
·        Full Onkelos and a fully vocalized Hebrew text of Rashi

This edition was designed to appeal to the beginner as to the advanced alike. Your study of Chumash is sure to be enhanced by the compelling commentary and the sheer amount of Chasidic insights it offers.

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