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Message from the Rebbe

The Torah is seamless. "Its beginning is lodged in its end, and its end in its beginning."1 The last letter of the Torah is a Lamed. The first letter is a Beit. When we fuse its end to its beginning we form the word Lev; Heart. The Lamed is from the word Yisroel; The Jewish People. The Bet is from...

How many words and letters are in the Torah?

Question: How many words and letters are in the Five Books of Moses? Much appreciate this site! TimToo Answer: There are 79,847 words in a Torah scroll, and 304,805 letters.

Askmoses Global Torah

Communicating age old traditions via new age means is the secret of our timeless heritage, and the modus operandi of The biggest community in the history of the world is right in front of you: the World Wide Web (also known as www dot). The most uniting force in the world is the Torah, as our...

Из чегП же сПстПОт свОтПк ТПры?

СвОтПк ТПры (рукПпОсМый пергаЌеМтМый ЎПкуЌеМт), завершеММый О украшеММый разлОчМыЌО...


КраткОй Птвет: СвОтПк ТПры МапОсаМ Пт рукО с пПЌПщью пера, спецОальМыЌО черМОлаЌО Ма...

Final Word

On the verse from liturgy1, "I have redeemed you from this final [exile] as from the first," the Ben Ish Chai writes that the redemption will come when emphasis is placed on the first mitzvah of the Torah, "Be fruitful and multiply," and the final mitzvah of the Torah, the composition of a...


А. СвОтПк тПры этП Сефер- ТПра. Сефер-ТПра сПстПОт Оз рукПпОсМoгП пятОкМОжМОка МПОсея,...

ОблаЎаМОе буквПй в свОтке ТПры

ВПпрПс: ППчеЌу люЎО пПкупают буквы в свОтке ТПры? Ответ:1. СаЌая пПслеЎМяя Оз 613...